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From Pete Thomas <Pete.Tho...@dunnhumby.com>
Subject RE: Garbage collection of modules
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2014 08:29:16 GMT

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Sent: 17 March 2014 08:16
To: users@flex.apache.org
Subject: Garbage collection of modules


I'm currently trying to get my modules garbage collected after unloading but I can't get it
to work.
During the search for a fix I noticed that the styleManager of the module is the same as the
one of the main application. I read that Flex 4 should have a style manager per module.
Is that a bug or was it never implemented that way?

Is there a better way to unload modules completely? I removed the declared styles manually,
removed the resource bundles, removed all event listeners set by me, removed all elements
from the UI and set all references to null and it still doesn't get gc'd (I added the gc hack
to verify the gc is run and loaded and unloaded the module several times). I don't have any
remote classes.
The problem is that the module has much code and using the profiler or scout seems not be
an option, because in debug mode it's even more unlikely that modules get gc'd.

Is there someone that experienced a similar problem and has some information to help me?

Thanks in advance,

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