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From Frank Dahmen <fr...@dahmenia.de>
Subject Re: Mobile Apps with Optional GPS Capability
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2014 18:54:50 GMT
For android it is the "uses-feature" attribute in the manifest

Am 08.03.2014 19:44, schrieb Joseph Balderson:
> I noticed that many times, an app in the Android or iOS app store has GPS
> features, but they are optional. But because the app "uses" GPS, user with
> non-GPS-enabled tablets cannot download the app.
> How do you build an app with optional GPS feature, which activates depending on
> whether the user has it on their device? More specifically, how do you ensure
> that users with non-GPS enabled tablets can download the app? Is that something
> you'd establish at the programming level, or in registering the app with the app
> store?
> Thanks,

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