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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Samsung & Windows
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 16:12:28 GMT
For the record, I am still pursuing FlexJS output through Cordova as an
alternate way to get to places AIR isn't or won't.

On 2/5/14 7:26 AM, "Jeffry Houser" <jeffry@dot-com-it.com> wrote:

>  Vote for AIR support on Windows Phone 8 here:
>  I think I get a couple of notifications a day on votes vs comments. .
>  Adobe's response to date has been "No"; but if people keep voting
>perhaps they will listen to their customers.  [One can dream]
>On 2/5/2014 2:08 AM, Angelo Lazzari wrote:
>> HI everybody, i know it's a mayor issue to touch...but, i need to stay
>> tuned about it...
>> I read Samsung is presenting their first Windows Phone "Huron" so, if
>> another big "actor" of the tech theatre, moves in that direction, i
>> we need to think about it.
>> So, do we have any news about dev Win Phone app? Anything is moving in
>> Adobe? Can Apache do anything?
>> Thank you very much
>> Angelo
>Jeffry Houser
>Technical Entrepreneur

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