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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Flash Resource for Flex Code
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2014 17:22:35 GMT
IMO, there is a tradeoff.  A multi-frame SWF is a bit tricky to generate
automatically/programatically.  But if you really don't need the frame
sequencing aspects of Flash (where you can keep some assets on screen for
many frames while others come and go), then you could choose to
programatically change the screen instead and just package up 25 embedded
images in a SWF and have code that switches between them.


On 1/14/14 12:59 AM, "Tintin" <1955.mille.miglia@googlemail.com> wrote:

>Hello Alex
>I do intend to use a sequence of still images but they are frames from an
>animated sequence. We create 3D animated sequences of mechanisms operating
>and we want users to be able to interact with the mechanism to understand
>how it works. Imagine a series of 3 gears of different sizes meshing
>together. We animated them turning, produce say a 25 frame image sequence
>which we eventually want the user to be able to drag the HSlider and
>effectively operate the gears.
>I want to create individual files which bundle up all of their frames, so
>the website doesn't have many folders containing many images, into a neat
>package which my swf can reference in to display. I thought that I could
>somehow create a movieClip containing the image sequence, save the .fla or
>.swf file and reference this into my Slider swf.
>Thanks for your suggestion.
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