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From Joseph Balderson <n...@joeflash.ca>
Subject Re: O'Reilly Apache Flex book help
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2014 21:48:47 GMT
Well, I just heard back from O'Reilly. And unfortunately they're not interested
in publishing an Apache Flex book of any kind, because their official position
is that "We're not interested in publishing titles that we feel don't have a
significant market demand. Flex falls into this category."

We know differently of course, but you can't blame O'Reilly for responding to
market perception. I guess this book exemplifies somewhat of a
chicken-and-the-egg scenario: to some extent we need the book to show the world
that Flex isn't dead (far from it), but we can't get one published (from
O'Reilly at least) until the perception is that it is very much alive. Hopefully
other more progressive publishers will see things differently.

I'm currently pursuing my contacts with other publishers. I'll let you all know
how that works out.


Joseph Balderson, Flex & Flash Platform Developer :: http://joeflash.ca
Author, Professional Flex 3 :: http://tinyurl.com/proflex3book

Joseph Balderson wrote:
> Hi all,
> The latest news on the Apache Flex book with O'Reilly is that I'm currently in
> negotiations with them to have this book made, i.e. "Programming Apache Flex" as
> a continuance of that same series. It's taking some convincing to be honest,
> because the perception in the tech publishing industry right now is that Flash
> and Flex books are a lost leader, and more or less a dead ecosystem.
> In response I mentioned to them that since Flex is now truly open source under
> Apache, that O'Reilly would be seen to be promoting open source software, which
> is very much within their mandate. And that, of course, Flex is not dead; in
> fact it has every indication of making somewhat of a comeback, according to the
> "word on the street," evidenced by a slow trickle of client work back to Flex,
> supported by AIR winning an award at the 2013 CES for "Best Consumer Application
> Development Platform for Mobile" (1,2)
> However, I may be able to convince O'Reilly to go ahead with a digital-only
> version which would minimize their costs. And if they agree to this, I have
> offered to waive any fees or royalties associated with the book on my part, to
> be considered "my donation" to the Apache Flex community. If O'Reilly breaks
> even or even makes a slight profit (and the profit margins on tech books are
> insanely low), then the project will stand a chance of going forward, and
> waiving my fees might just be what tips the balance. And of course I mentioned
> that, wouldn't it be embarrassing when Flex springs back in this next year and
> there are no Flex books with the O'Reilly name on it? ;)
> We'll see what happens, if O'Reilly accepts my proposal. I understand how
> perception is in part largely responsible for driving sales of tech books. But
> stakeholders and students are not the only ones who can drive book sales: a
> niche community of developers can also do so.
> And so I need your help, everyone in the Flex community. I'll need an
> experienced tech editor who is willing to help out with this, to donate their
> time to the project. And I will need everyone's help in promoting this book when
> it comes out, and to buy one, so that O'Reilly can justify the ROI to go ahead
> with the project.
> This book will be seen as a huge boon to Apache Flex, to prove to all the
> managers and stakeholders drinking the HTML5 koolaid, that Flex isn't dead, and
> it is very much alive and well.
> Thanks all in advance for your support,
> Joseph
> (1)
> http://www.beedigital.net/2014/01/09/air-wins-award-at-ces-for-the-best-mobile-application-product-in-2014/
> (2)
> http://www.compassintelligence.com/?q=press/compass-intelligence-announces-winners-2014-mobility-awards-wireless-m2m-and-green-technology

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