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From Joseph Balderson <n...@joeflash.ca>
Subject Re: how about "cookbook" website for Apache Flex?
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2014 22:37:09 GMT
See "Apache Flex Examples" and "Apache Flex Examples Proposal" threads on the
dev@flex.apache.org list.


Joseph Balderson, Flex & Flash Platform Developer :: http://joeflash.ca
Author, Professional Flex 3 :: http://tinyurl.com/proflex3book

modjklist@comcast.net wrote:
> All this talk about an Apache flex book got me thinking about what I would like to read.

> As a newcomer to Flex, I learned so much from this website http://blog.flexexamples.com
, but it seems a lot of the examples are no longer live (what's up with that?), and many are
outdated. I spend most of my development learning about Flex from Google searches that brought
me to peoples' blogs. I bought the Flex Bible, which was great for the basics, but didn't
answer all of those one-off questions like the blogs tackled (because the writers couldn't
find it anywhere else I suppose). Now those blog links are starting to go away, and they're
so hard to find anyway. 
> Why not have a separate section of the Apache Flex website dedicated to examples that
USERS can upload for others to run and view the source code? 
> It would be like http://blog.flexexamples.com, except the content is driven by users
and relevant to life with current SDKs. The critical part of the website would be just to
provide an infrastructure for people to easily contribute their work. It might also include
some search capability or other navigational aid, and a comments section for each example
so discussions can follow. Then the users take over... 
> I just think people learn by doing and if a website can be created with some basic infrastructure,
it can grow organically over time and be a great resource to newcomers. It would also show
that people are actively working and contributing to Flex (I envision future marketing efforts
could say "...over 100 examples were added just this last month..." as a metric for Flex's
growing relevance). The advantage over a published cookbook is that a book requires a dedicated
team with long hours, it becomes outdated with newer SDK releases, covers a limited number
of topics, and it's not interactive. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents for what I'd like to see
from Apache Flex. 

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