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From Joseph Balderson <n...@joeflash.ca>
Subject Re: O'Reilly Apache Flex book help
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2014 02:38:43 GMT
It might... I'll mention to O'Reilly that people in the community are willing to
pre-order if that helps the book go forward :)

I'll keep you posted.


Joseph Balderson, Flex & Flash Platform Developer :: http://joeflash.ca
Author, Professional Flex 3 :: http://tinyurl.com/proflex3book

Mark Fuqua wrote:
> I'll buy one...would pre orders help?
> Mark
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> From: Joseph Balderson [mailto:news@joeflash.ca] 
> Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 8:43 PM
> To: users@flex.apache.org
> Subject: O'Reilly Apache Flex book help
> Hi all,
> The latest news on the Apache Flex book with O'Reilly is that I'm currently
> in negotiations with them to have this book made, i.e. "Programming Apache
> Flex" as a continuance of that same series. It's taking some convincing to
> be honest, because the perception in the tech publishing industry right now
> is that Flash and Flex books are a lost leader, and more or less a dead
> ecosystem.
> In response I mentioned to them that since Flex is now truly open source
> under Apache, that O'Reilly would be seen to be promoting open source
> software, which is very much within their mandate. And that, of course, Flex
> is not dead; in fact it has every indication of making somewhat of a
> comeback, according to the "word on the street," evidenced by a slow trickle
> of client work back to Flex, supported by AIR winning an award at the 2013
> CES for "Best Consumer Application Development Platform for Mobile" (1,2)
> However, I may be able to convince O'Reilly to go ahead with a digital-only
> version which would minimize their costs. And if they agree to this, I have
> offered to waive any fees or royalties associated with the book on my part,
> to be considered "my donation" to the Apache Flex community. If O'Reilly
> breaks even or even makes a slight profit (and the profit margins on tech
> books are insanely low), then the project will stand a chance of going
> forward, and waiving my fees might just be what tips the balance. And of
> course I mentioned that, wouldn't it be embarrassing when Flex springs back
> in this next year and there are no Flex books with the O'Reilly name on it?
> ;)
> We'll see what happens, if O'Reilly accepts my proposal. I understand how
> perception is in part largely responsible for driving sales of tech books.
> But stakeholders and students are not the only ones who can drive book
> sales: a niche community of developers can also do so.
> And so I need your help, everyone in the Flex community. I'll need an
> experienced tech editor who is willing to help out with this, to donate
> their time to the project. And I will need everyone's help in promoting this
> book when it comes out, and to buy one, so that O'Reilly can justify the ROI
> to go ahead with the project.
> This book will be seen as a huge boon to Apache Flex, to prove to all the
> managers and stakeholders drinking the HTML5 koolaid, that Flex isn't dead,
> and it is very much alive and well.
> Thanks all in advance for your support,
> Joseph
> (1)
> http://www.beedigital.net/2014/01/09/air-wins-award-at-ces-for-the-best-mobi
> le-application-product-in-2014/
> (2)
> http://www.compassintelligence.com/?q=press/compass-intelligence-announces-w
> inners-2014-mobility-awards-wireless-m2m-and-green-technology
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