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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Full debug in the application
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 07:22:26 GMT
Google for flash.trace.Trace.  It is not officially documented, and
different from the trace() function.  It will allow you to output every
debug line in a debug SWF so you can see what is and isn't being executed.

But it might be easier just to set a breakpoint on
LayoutManager.as:doPhasedInstantiation.  It should not be called over and
over again.


On 11/20/13 10:41 PM, "Thiago Maia" <a00s@a00s.com> wrote:

>     Does anybody know a way that I can full debug my application, same
>when we do trace, but something that print everithing that is happening
>from the flash application.
>     The reason:
>     I'm having an issue, I just cant found the problem, if I set the
>background in a vbox, in combination with validateNow() and something else
>     currentVBox3.setStyle('backgroundColor',0x003300);
>     and later a disabled=false, the system will freeze. I have not
>getStyle or something else that could make it freeze, the problem is
>that I just cant found witch line is causing the problem once seens that
>is a combination of lines in different places. I know that some times if
>we have a "if" in a null object, we can have the system freezing as
>well, so it could be related.
>     I tried to use try/catch, but no error message
>     I tried the debug
>     I tried using MonsterDebbugger, but the application just stop
>working, CPU increase, and no new messages on the debug application.
>     So I was hopping have a full trace, I'm using eclipse, and already
>try to found how to do that, but could found a way that it work.
>thanks and best regards
>Thiago Maia
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