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From Javier Guerrero García <javi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: printing
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 09:23:13 GMT
Yes, that's why I used the quotes :) As you said, the "print" media query
has been arround for a while, but finally in CSS3 some bright minds though
that you would surely need to define a "page" and margins (and headers,
footers, and so on) for real world printing :)

Have a look at http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-page/. I've tested with more or
less good results in IE8+, Chrome and Safari: the basics are covered in all
of them, advanced features vary of course, as always ;)

And for the job size, I'm affraid you'll just have to try, but if you''re
talking about a lot of numbers, I "believe" flex will just send the font to
the printer and then all the plain data, so there shouldn't be a problem
with the printing size. Again, just try, a quick and dirty implementation
in native flex wouldn't take you more than 10 lines of code :)

Cheers ;)

On Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 6:50 AM, Frank Dahmen <frank@dahmenia.de> wrote:

> thanks, you are right
> i was wondering if flex-printing can handle large "print outs"
> (i will have to print not too small dynamic data tables)
> generating a css-html file with php sounds good too (using html templates)
> what do you mean with new css3 print media?
> @media print was in css2(css1?) too?
> has css3 more stuff for printing? i will google.
> Am 29.11.2013 21:54, schrieb Javier Guerrero García:
>  If you just need to print, and leaving PDF generation on the user side
>> just
>> like most software do, why not using Flex native printing capabilities?
>> I've not used them in a while, but in 2009 they were good enough for
>> proffesional formatting a dinamic 20 page document, and quite simple to
>> use.
>> Just invoke the prepareForPrinting methods, add your objects, set your
>> bounding box scaling method, and you're done: the user is then presented
>> the printing dialog box, selects the preferred printer (or PDF document
>> writer if that's the case), and prints just like any other software.
>> There're plenty of samples online, and I can tell you that it just works
>> as
>> expected, with really good results.
>> I think this approach is much simpler than:
>> 1. Deciding a framework for PDF generation, and paying for it if it's not
>> free
>> 2. Getting to know that framework
>> 3. Generating the PDF
>> 4. Downloading the generated PDF on the user side
>> 5. Opening the generated PDF
>> 6. And then finally print :)
>> Another possible approach: have you had a look at the "new" CSS3 print
>> media for HTML? They're quite well supported in all current browsers, with
>> really good results. You could easily generate just simple HTML code for
>> your docs, apply a CSS style sheet with print media definitions, and again
>> let the user decide if he/she wants to paper print it or generate a PDF.
>> Just my two cents ;)
>> On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 2:27 PM, Frank Dahmen <frank@dahmenia.de> wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>> what is the state of the art for printing (or pdf generating) in a Flex
>>> Application (web)?
>>> Thanks

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