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From After24 <vinc...@after24.net>
Subject Re: Memory leaks management in modules
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 21:53:42 GMT
I think the hypothesis of a memory leak coming from the text layout 
framework is not valid.
I thought that it was the fact of entering text in a text input of the 
main app that allowed the GC to collect the module but in fact, after 
unloading the module, you just have to type something on the keyboard 
and the module memory can be released.

If the module contains a button, the fact of clicking on this button and 
then typing something on the keyboard prevents the module from being 
garbage collected.

Le 05/11/13 23:26, Alex Harui a écrit :
> OK.  I think the next test would be to examine the loitering objects in
> the profiler. I think you said you determined the action that causes the
> leak is to type something? If so, then take a memory snapshot before and
> after typing and look to see what is loitering objects and see if they are
> being held in by static variables in TLF.
> -Alex
> On 11/5/13 2:18 PM, "After24" <vincent@after24.net> wrote:
>> I have updated the testCase by adding a flash text engine based text
>> field.
>> When this text field is clicked, the text of the TextElement is replaced
>> and the TextLine is updated using the TextBlock.recreateTextLine() method.
>> After this process the module is still garbage collected.
>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLEX-338
>> Le 05/11/13 18:51, Alex Harui a écrit :
>>> I don't think you need to build a whole TextInput.  Fundamentally, TLF
>>> just generates TextLines from TextBlocks and recycles them if it can.  I
>>> think the FTE test just has to do some of that.
>>> -Alex
>>> On 11/5/13 3:59 AM, "After24" <vincent@after24.net> wrote:
>>>> Hello Alex,
>>>> Creating a TextInput component based on FTE is not an easy task given
>>>> the low level nature of this engine.
>>>> Maybe a framework like TinyTLF which has no dependancies with TLF can
>>>> be
>>>> used to check that the memory leak comes from TLF or FLEX ?
>>>> Le 04/11/13 22:38, Alex Harui a écrit :
>>>>> If you have time to investigate, the next test is to use
>>>>> flash.text.engine
>>>>> classes in an AS-only project.  My guess, though, is that there are
>>>>> static
>>>>> variables in Flex and TLF that may be holding onto something.
>>>>> On 11/4/13 1:10 PM, "After24" <vincent@after24.net> wrote:
>>>>>> Until now, my investigations leads me nowhere. My hypothesis is that
>>>>>> an
>>>>>> object (of the TLF framework) keeps a reference to the textflow of
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> text
>>>>>> input control but I'm really not sure. If someone has an idea of
>>>>>> where
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> search I'm interested.
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