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From Maurice Amsellem <maurice.amsel...@systar.com>
Subject RE: Draw on top of other components regardless of layout
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 11:02:24 GMT
Why not using toolTip property? 

If it is too simple, you can customize the skin and/or content: 

You could also display the help tip in a Callout, available for desktop apps in SDK 4.10 /
http://flex.apache.org/asdoc/ then search for spark.components.Callout
You can change the callout default style to make it look more like a help bubble.


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De : jan.persson@gmail.com [mailto:jan.persson@gmail.com] De la part de Jan Flyborg
Envoyé : mercredi 6 novembre 2013 11:43
À : users@flex.apache.org
Objet : Draw on top of other components regardless of layout


I have implemented my own classes to draw notification bubbles on certain components (mostly
buttons) to guide my users through a setup procedure.
This code has been in production for a while, but I am wondering if I am doing it the correct

The way I implemented it was to add an extra component (overlay) that lies (with the depth
property set to a large value) on top of all other DisplayObjects and which occupies the whole
display port. This branch of the DisplayList serves as the parent to all my notification bubbles,
so I have to transform all coordinates of the bubbles (local -> global -> local) to
place them at the correct places.

This works, but I would have been better if I could place the bubbles directly on top of the
buttons without having to add this extra overlay, but since the buttons have been added to
parents with a layout managers, it would probably not be possible to size them with absolute
coordinates, or am I wrong?

What is the correct way to draw components on top of other components without paying regards
to layout? Can a child be drawn on top of a parent or is an overlay solution the only feasible
way to accomplish this?

Best Regards
    //Jan Flyborg

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