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From Miguel Ferreira <miguel.cd.ferre...@hotmail.com>
Subject RE: Different Font result when using embed and not
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 22:14:59 GMT
I made also with otf sans source from Adobe. The result was the same, when embedded is worse.
Cff is compact font format from what i learn this week i think that otf or ttf will be converted
or better, compacted to reduce size so by using the term embed as cff, That will embed that
font using a algorithm that will reduce the size of the embed font (maybe like the woff -
web font format)?

@ Alex, there is someone there in the adobe that can give more info? I also tried to go back
for flash 10.2 as you suggest and then i read in a blog but the result is the same.

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From: Alex Harui<mailto:aharui@adobe.com>
Sent: ‎21.‎10.‎2013 23:59
To: users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>; dev@flex.apache.org<mailto:dev@flex.apache.org>
Subject: Re: Different Font result when using embed and not

Device font rendering is not guaranteed across platforms.  On Mac, for example, the glyphs
may be taller or wider than they are on Windows which can affect the word-wrapping.    Anti-aliasing
is affected by ControlPanel settings on Windows.  If that's ok with you, you'll save on SWF
size and rendering time.

If not, you need to choose embedded fonts.  The algorithm in the more recent players is not
universally considered to be better, but again, a test needs to be done with an embedded CFF
font, not a font with glyphs from TTF.


From: Miguel Ferreira <miguel.cd.ferreira@hotmail.com<mailto:miguel.cd.ferreira@hotmail.com>>
Reply-To: "users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>" <users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>>
Date: Monday, October 21, 2013 8:31 AM
To: "users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>" <users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>>,
"dev@flex.apache.org<mailto:dev@flex.apache.org>" <dev@flex.apache.org<mailto:dev@flex.apache.org>>
Subject: Different Font result when using embed and not

In the attachment i have a project test.

In this project test i am using 3 types of fonts: embed by swf (using the fntswf utility),
embed by css and not embed.

And i have 2 different results

Embed by swf and by CSS i have the same result and not embed gives another result.

Now start the true problem the better result is when the font is not embed because when embed
the fonts gets blurry not perfect!

Some time ago i open a discussion with the title blurry fonts and on the end no one can say
a really motive why this happens...

I was checking font types, special fonts to see if different fonts give better results and
so on. kerning off/on, etc, ...

But where is the explanation when we use not embed the fonts presents the same as before the
lunch of SDK 4.5.1 (new text renderer) but when embed the results are different with a worse
presentation of the font?

You can save a life?

An explain this special situation that with the most recent version he have worse presentation
even when "they" say that we will have a better one?

kind regards,

Miguel Ferreira

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