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From Tom Chiverton ...@extravision.com>
Subject Re: blurry fonts
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 13:59:30 GMT
On 03/10/2013 14:54, Miguel Ferreira wrote:
> I am finalizing a updated to my costumer from flex 4.1.0 to flex 4.10.0 and the fonts
really look horrible.
We had the same issue when migrating up from Adobe Flex 4.1 to Apache 
4.x - it took some experimenting with the various hinting options for 
the font, as well as embedding a few different fonts before we found a 
combination that worked well.
I'd start by stripping out any relevant styles, then add in a specific 
embeded font, then have a look at the various hinting options available.


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