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From "Pedro Serralha" <pedro.serra...@elegedata.com>
Subject RE: Help with GraniteDS GRAVITY and Flex MOBILE Chat Application
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2013 09:29:44 GMT
Hi there

Are you using localhost on your request url? 
If so on the mobile app you are pointing into your own mobile phone, and I'm
positive that the services aren't running on your phone.
It should work on the web project since, I assume is where the services are

Try to use the IP of your machine.

Maybe this is a silly point to say, but sometimes we forgot the simplest

Cumprimentos / Best Regards
Pedro Serralha

-----Original Message-----
From: Massimo Perani [mailto:massimo.perani@gmail.com] 
Sent: terça-feira, 27 de Agosto de 2013 10:23
To: users@flex.apache.org
Subject: Re: Help with GraniteDS GRAVITY and Flex MOBILE Chat Application

Hi Franck,
thanks for your answer.

Yes, I set the channel in the services-config.xml but I can't see any
I'm using the same services-config.xml for for both the web version and the
mobile version.

Is there a way to force the endpoint of a gravity consumer from code at
Like RemoteObject used with graniteamf (eg: ro.endpoint="
so something like that:

Is there a way to trace the network calls from the AIR simulator?
In the WEB version of my app (the one that works) I can use the Network tab
of the Chrome Developer tool, and I can see the post call to the Gravity

   1. Request URL:


2013/8/27 Franck Wolff <franck.wolff@graniteds.org>

> Strange... I can't see anything that would prevent Gravity working 
> with a Air mobile application (it's regular long-polling HTTP, nothing
> Make sure you have an explicit URL to your backend in your 
> services-config.xml file (ie. no placeholder such as 
> {server.name}:{server.port}/{context.root},
> it must be a valid and explicit <IP/domain>:<port>/<webapp> URL).
> Franck.
> 2013/8/27 Massimo Perani <massimo.perani@gmail.com>
> > Hi all,
> > I'm doing some tests with Gravity (GraniteDS), my goal is to create 
> > a
> chat
> > module for my application.
> >
> > Everything works correctly if I use Gravity in a Flex WEB Project 
> > (so the flex app runs in the browser).
> >
> > If I create a Flex MOBILE project I can't see any call to the 
> > Gravity servlet but I have no errors in the flex application.
> >
> > I can't find anything about Gravity specific for Flex MOBILE, Is 
> > there anyone who can give me some suggestion?
> >
> > I'm using FB 4.7, Apache flex 4.10.0, GraniteDS 3.0.0.M3.
> > i'm using a Java Spring Backend running on Tomcat 7 with NIO 
> > protocol set on connector
> >
> > Thanks to all
> >
> > --
> > Massimo Perani
> >

Massimo Perani

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