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From dude <d...@atheist.com>
Subject Re: adobe flex vs apache flex
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 13:52:37 GMT
You're right, helping people with their immediate problem is important,
and I actually did provide him with a link that should answer his
questions, so I wasn't saying "go away, do your homework" at all.

Still, research is a key skill for a developer, no matter the technology
or learning-state you are in. Whatever, wrong place for that topic. EOD

Am 14.08.2013 14:57, schrieb Carlos Velasco:
> I think at the moment new people coming to flex world is to be welcomed
> rather than being someway thrown away by a "rude" "Make your homework first
> and search the Internet properly before asking nonsense, please"...
> I have always found those kind of forum responses quite useless... When
> someone doesn't know about something, he/she also doesn't know what to look
> for or where to find exactly the contents that may make they pass their
> learning curve.
> So let's take some tolerance with newbies and try to guide them instead of
> being so overbearing. Maybe not talking the same things again and again,
> but giving them direct links to begin with or so.
> 2013/8/14 dude <dude@atheist.com>
>>> Because I am new in flex, once I search some questions in google, I will
>>> find most of them links will refer to the adobe site.
>> How can you not check Wikipedia first if there is an article about Adobe
>> or Apache Flex at all? I'm sure it answers most of your questions. Here,
>> let me help you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Flex
>> On a side note: So, is that how people start using new technologies
>> nowadays? Going straight to the mailing list asking people about the
>> most basic things? What about some research first? Usually you should
>> read as much as possible of the available information on the internet
>> yourself before you start asking questions like this. Wikipedia is
>> usually a good starting point for that.
>> Don't get me wrong, you will get answers here because people are nice
>> and like to share their knowledge, this is what OSS is all about. But
>> it's a PITA to answer such questions over and over again just because
>> someone can't do the most basic online search. Some really weird
>> research you got there ...

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