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From Jerry Hamby <jerryha...@vdex.com>
Subject Re: backends - parse/backendless/roll your own
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2013 17:35:07 GMT
I use Apigee UserGrid, also known as App Services. I love it and I won't go back. 

I use to do Coldfusion CFCs and MySQL before I discovered the power and flexibility NoSQL
type databases and REST statements. 
All the open APIs use REST, so this works very well except for one factor, I can't find a
way to do REST "PUT" and DELETE" statements in Actionscript.
My solution was to set up an Amazon EC2 account, run Node.js (Apigee has a Node SDK) and establish
a socket. So I couldn't completely get away
from a backend server I did force myself into Javascript. At least my costs are very low and
I can build apps using web, desktop or mobile constructing all
my business logic inside the client.

I also setup a Amazon S3 account and found some Actionscript code to upload my images while
storing my image database records on Apigee.
Apigee also has file storage but they didn't add that feature until after I had got the S3
stuff working.

I got a free year from Amazon and Apigee is free up to some ridiculous amount of calls per
month, I think 3 million.
I haven't tried Parse or backendless yet. Again the downside to any of these services is the
same, Flash doesn't have a native way
to handle REST "PUT" and DELETE" statements. If anyone can show my how to get around this
issue in Actionscript I would appreciate it.

Maybe finding a solution for this REST gap in Actionscript would be a great project for the
Apache Flex community.   


On Aug 8, 2013, at 5:38 AM, Stephen C wrote:

> I am curious to get the groups feelings on these cloud backends with air
> projects. Like parse and backendless, i have played with these, and i am
> toying with the idea of moving to one so i do not have to maintain my
> php/mysql backend and let someone else deal with it.
> I would also be interested in others.
> Thank You,
> Stephen C

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