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From Frédéric THOMAS <webdoubl...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Radiate people, radiate...
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 06:28:28 GMT
Great tool Jude :-)

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From: jude 
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 7:19 PM 
To: users@flex.apache.org 
Subject: Radiate people, radiate... 

So here's an update on the Radiate (radii8) project. I've uploaded a new
demo, with major changes. This one should load now. I've found out that
none of the versions posted from January until now have loaded for anyone
I've sent links too. I think it had to do with monkey patching FlexSprite
but I've removed that a few days ago and I have reports it's loading. Only
we would care about the reasons why. :)

Anyway, here's what's new:
- Summary of changes in 1650 <http://www.radii8.com/blog/?p=157>
- Change log of version 1650 <http://www.radii8.com/blog/?p=161>
- Summary of changes in 1025 <http://www.radii8.com/blog/?p=66>
- Change log of 1025 <http://www.radii8.com/blog/?p=136>

The latest version is 2019 which is what is live now. I have *not* posted a
change log on this release just uploaded. So there are some new features
that aren't mentioned. I hope to post that soon.

I have two goals with this announcement. One is to coincide with the news
of 4.10 if possible. That is to say that it might help Flex in general for
people to know there is a online "design view" that people can use to learn
a little more about Flex through the use of components, the ability to view
the generated MXML code from the view, to be able to set inline styles and
properties and see how they modification the design and to review the
documentation when working with those attributes. This is alpha demo but it
might get someone started.

The second reason is to ask for feedback on what you would find useful.
Don't lie. :) I would like to know if this addresses anyone's needs here.
It may be a better tool for designers. And in that case that's where I
should spend more energy. The way I'm designing it now is I'm writing it
for me. So, "what does it need, what would be nice for it to have to make
this project easier." This answer changes based on the project.

This may be the first version that you can see the code tab in. Click the
code tab and you can see MXML, HTML and Android markup. The HTML markup has
feature allowing you to preview it. It doesn't use FlexJS but a simple MXML
to HTML converter. The obvious reason is that this is running in the
browser and FlexJS requires the compiler. A downloadable version might be
able to solve that.

A few milestones from now I'd like to have module support done. So you can
load in your own components, tools and panels, libraries and projects with
all of the application logic and then tie in and build the view *visually*.
That way you can use the best tools for the job and this compliment that.
And it would guarantee separation of concerns! :)

BTW I've been contemplating integrating Randori support since I have a
basic HTML conversion going.

Upcoming work includes theme switching, skinning, example loading, better
MXML to HTML and considering states support, style inheritance panel and
transitions panel.

Here is a link to the demo <http://www.radii8.com/demo/>. There's much more
information on the site.

FYI The HTML conversion has been tested in Firefox on Mac OS X only and is
guaranteed to have numerous bugs.

PS This is not using 4.10 yet but I hope to swap it in when 4.10 is

Demo <http://www.radii8.com/demo>
Blog <http://www.radii8.com/>

Feedback can be sent directly to me as well.

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