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From Scott Matheson <smathe...@intralinks.com>
Subject Re: educational software development
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2013 07:50:22 GMT
    I have been developing the same educational app "units of sound" in a HyperCard type tool
ToolBook for the past  16 years, 3 years ago we started the process to move this app to flex,

I have no regrets so far, however I know I may have to recode in to HTML5 in the next 3-5
years depending on how flex develops, I hope I do not have to do this, if I was starting today,I
think I would have gone down the HTML5 road, HTML 5 and the supporting frameworks have come
on a lot in the past 3 years

Unlike commercial software, educational software is not a highly profitable product, so we
have a  small team

In this market you must have a tablet version of you product, I hope to save a lot of time
with the flex AIR / Tablet

I found design the hardest part of the project, until adobe gave up with flex you had so many
way of approaching you project and no clear winner, now most if not all of these frameworks
have gone/ past away, the road is clear, KISS, use simple MVC and stay within the simple flex
frame work you can

The other big help in FLEX is the 1000's of example of how to do X Y Z on the web, and the
support from this group


PS launch of units of sound UK English q4, US English Q1 CY 14' yes us Brits are coming to
the US to teach you how to read :)

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On 11 Jul 2013, at 05:22, "Thiago Maia" <a00s@a00s.com> wrote:

> I using Flex/AIR+Blazeds+Tomcat+Java+MySQL in eclipse. I just press play and everithing
start to work.  Then to convert do AIR I just press Convert to AIR, and again everithing work
(this case not including java that will run on the server).
> I really looking for to move to IntelliJ but I couldnt make all this work together. In
the intellij website have a tutorial but didnt help to put all together. Do you know any tutorial
about that?
> thanks
>> Dennis,  I think IntelliJ is the best IDE( much better than FlashBuilder)
>> for Flash/Flex development, and I admire you have C/C++ experience, because
>> FlasCC can complile C/C++ into Flash App, which is a killer feature. -Gary
>> On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 11:02 PM, haseeb ahmed <lalamax3d@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> sorry for interruption.  haxe.org provides equally good workflow and IMHO,
>>> its more future proof. 99% similar to as3 stuff.
>>> On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Dennis Raddle <dennis.raddle@gmail.com
>>>> wrote:
>>>> Is Flash Builder a good tool for ActionScript development, or is there
>>>> something better? I don't want to pay for more than one tool. I'm a
>>>> C++/Python programmer so I'm comfortable working in code.
>>>> Dennis
>>>> On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 7:36 PM, Gary Young <flashflexpro@gmail.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> My answer is YES, Flash Platform is the only one can cross most desktop
>>>>> browsers and Android/IOS apps, others are just fake. Use Flex when 1)
>>>> your
>>>>> app will use a lot of standard components; 2) your app has highly
>>> complex
>>>>> user interactions. -Gary
>>> --
>>> regards,
>>> lala


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