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From Tom Chiverton ...@extravision.com>
Subject Re: Developing on Linux
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 15:49:11 GMT
On 12/06/2013 16:34, Thomas Wright wrote:
> I'd much rather develop on a linux box. I'm much more partial to linux and

> adobe flex 4.6 sdk ... not sure how much of a difference there is from the
> last official adobe release vs. the apache releases.
Tons. Check the release notes. Soon they'll be Spark Alert's etc too.
> Soooo yeah. I'm just not sure where to really start here.
At the mo., it's a case of 'build your self', you can't use the 
installer, because it's AIR, and AIR is DOA on Linux.

And self build is a pain. You still need an updated AIR SDK to build it 
all, and they don't exist for Linux.
I removed the build targets that required it and the result seems to 
play well in FDT, but not really pushed it yet.
And I know I'm missing thinks like the mobile skin SWCs, but that's not 
important to me.

I don't see why the Apache team couldn't do the above (correctly !), tar 
it up, and put it the other side of a page that said 'I agree to this 
long list of licences'. This would be so much easier.


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