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From dude <d...@atheist.com>
Subject Re: Inversion of Control
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 01:18:33 GMT
We use Parsley 3 in our current project and - simply put - we just love
it. Go for it!

If I'd start with a new project I would propably look into GraniteDS
(which provides the Tide framework for IoC), mostly because the remoting
is far more advanced than BlazeDS is.

Am 28.05.2013 20:00, schrieb Mathieu St-Gelais:
> Hi everyone. This is my first message in the mailing list, but I've been
> following for a while now...
> Just so you know, I've been developing in Adobe Flex for the past 3 or 4
> years, and I'm going to move to Apache Flex with my next project that
> starts in two weeks.
> I have a question for your guys: it seems that both Parsley and Swiz
> frameworks are "dead", as in inactive. I suppose one could continue using
> them, but I would like to know what would be your application framework of
> choice as of today. I'm looking for IoC features, decoupled bindings, etc.
> I need something production-ready as this application will be in production
> in January 2014, and my client will probable use (and add new features to
> it) it for many years.
> Thanks a lot for your time and help!
> Matt

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