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From Daryl Williams <da...@synergetic-data.com>
Subject Re: textLayout: Error: configuration variable 'static-link-runtime-shared-libraries' expected 1 argument(s), got 0.
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 16:21:34 GMT
Hi Justin,

Thanks for your reply. I am very new to Flex so perhaps I am not 
understanding correctly, but I downloaded the SDK installer for 
application developers and followed the instructions in the README file, 
but there is no mention of TLF directories or of TLF_HOME there or in 
the env-template.properties file. I did find a reference to TLF in the 
RELEASE_NOTES and a quick search of the SDK directories yields many 
entries for TLF under the projects/spark directories and 
projects/textLayout directories.

I just now tried setting TLF_HOME to frameworks/projects/textLayout, but 
am now getting a different error about:

build.xml:118: The environment variable PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME is not set to 
a directory

but I know that it is set correctly to a directory containing both 11.1 
and 11.6 directories and the playerglobal.swc inside of each.

All the other environment varibales are set correctly using absolute 
file paths, as indicated in the README, but some of the directory names 
have spaces in them (I'm on a Mac) and I'm wondering if that might cause 
some problems? Also wondering if I should use the SDK installer from the 
web or use the svn version?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



On 5/22/13 5:53 PM, Justin Mclean wrote:
> Hi,
> It looks like the issue may be related to TLF have you checked out the TLF repo? If so
what is the TLF directories name? Did you set up a TLF_HOME environment variable?
> And perhaps a silly question but have you switched to the develop branch?
> Thanks,
> Justin

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