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From Jesse Ward-Karet <...@tanium.com>
Subject Creating a performant item renderer for scollable data grid cells
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 21:49:31 GMT
Long time listener, first time poster... thanks in advance.

I've been banging my head for a few days now trying to create an AdvancedDataGrid item renderer
that allows individual cells to scroll in a performant manner. Basically if there are more
than 10 or so lines of text, rather than changing the height of the row, I want to show a
scrollbar within the cell.

I've tried using TextArea, TextField, Label, TextFlow, Sprite, and a few other things.  As
soon as I get a lot of renderers on screen, performance goes to hell, i.e. 5-10 seconds to
render a grid with ~200 cells.

I've posted an example with 5 different item renderer classes here (view source enabled):


The look I'm trying to achieve is the "Scroller w/ Label" item renderer. If you try selecting
'Scroller w/ Label' and 'Single Line Data' you'll see that it takes several seconds to display.

Of note, performance seems to be about 2x better on Mac OS vs. Windows. To really feel the
pain, try a Windows browser.

In any event, if anybody has ideas how to make a faster item renderer I'd be extremely grateful.
Also, to be clear, I'm stuck with AdvancedDataGrid.

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