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From John Cunliffe <mahn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Falcon & iPad, Air etc
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 11:27:18 GMT
Hi Scott,

as far as I understand:

   - It's the Apache Community, not Adobe, who is developing Falcon. While
   Adobe pays some/most of Apache Flex's main contributors, everything they do
   for Falcon and Flex is open source - waiting for YOUR contribution.
   - MXML compiles to AS via Flex already now. This process amongst others
   is done via Flex. Search for "*keep*-*generated*-*actionscript*=true"
   for more information
   - Falcon will compile/translate AS into HTML+JS, which will work almost
   anywhere - also on iPads.
   - How well Falcon translates AS/MXML I cannot answer - but technically
   there is no reason why it shouldn't allow for 100%
   - There will always be a performance loss on iPad/Android with HTML/JS
   or Air/AS/MXML compared to native apps. Take a look at Haxe Nme if you
   don't like that. Stay with Flex if you want to reduce your initial and
   long-term coding time.
   - MXML has nothing to doe with component libraries - it's just
   a structured (via XML) way of coding mostly UI hierarchies. mx/halo and
   fx/spark components are already pure AS with a bit of Flex lifecycle
   conventions on top.
   - Mostly it's not a developer's decision what to work with, but your
   client's requirement dictating what environment to work in. The only
   problem is they often don't know what's best for them - but think they
   really do. ;-)

So what's my advice? Get to know flex, do some programming. Get to know
AngularJS/DartLang/Closure, do some programming. Get to know iPad/Android
SDK, do some programming. Then compare and evaluate yourself and find out
what's important to you - because only you will ever really know what's
best for yourself, and only after trying it out yourself. The choice is
yours, for better or worse.


On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 11:20 AM, Scott Matheson

> Hi
>    Can some one help my understanding
> Adobe are pushing forward with AS and Falcon, which will not compile MXML
> Apache Flex community will continure to support and develop AS and MXML,
> however this version can only compile to Air and iPad if Adobe continue to
> support MXML which they no longer develop
> So as a simple small developer, I am left the the prospect of if keep
> developing in FLEx with MXML I may get left behind by Adobe and not be
> able to compile to AIR iPad etc. and face the prospect of converting all
> the MXML in to AS or a 100% rewrite in a different language
> Should I just stop using MXML and use AS, is there a set of open source AS
> libraries that will replace MXML, create button, view stack etc, surely
> every one does not build they own AS libraries for common functions ?
> Scott
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