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From Julio Carneiro <ju...@4ctv.com>
Subject Re: Translation from English required
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2013 02:13:27 GMT
> Hi,
>> wrongFormatPostcodeError=The postcode is the wrong format.
> The postcode is not of the correct format eg A340 for an Australian postcode. Australian
postcode are 4 digits.
Then the Brazilian Portuguese text would be: "CEP inválido, formato correto é 99999-999",
if the test applies to Brazilian postal codes only.
If the string is a generic 'invalid postal code format', end user message, then the Portuguese
version would be: "CEP ou código postal inválido".
>> incorrectFormatPostcodeError=The postcode format string is incorrect.
> The format string which specifies the format of the postcode is incorrect. The format
sting consists of "N" for a number, "A" for a letter and "C" or "CC" for country code.
And the Brazilian Portuguese text would be: "String para a formatação do CEP inválido"
Assuming that is a developer oriented error message.

Julio Carneiro

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