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From "Lucas Junqueira / Ciclope" <lu...@ciclope.art.br>
Subject Re: use flex to create picture (JPG or PNG) files from a PDF?
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 18:15:55 GMT
Great news: the Imagik approach worked perfectly and it was, in fact, very
simple to implement! The next Managana version will feature PDF import!
Some results here, with different PDF dentities:



2013/2/24 Wayne Studley <waynestudley@me.com>

> With regard this view PDF topic that's been bounded about of late - I'd
> last year built a flex app that would parse/decode PDF's and convert the
> various objects into their various objects - with some limitations I should
> add.
> PDFx were preferable inputs but the results were pretty good - decoding
> fonts (only the characters within the PDF), text (all ok), images
> (gifs/jpgs ok but png's were limited to non-alpha channelled). All the
> binaries could be written to output files (such as the images - regardless
> of input-format, fonts - although you'd need licensing agreements for the
> latter - needless to say).
> Vector graphics were also resolved but I'd had a good few problems
> resolving RGB>CMYK>RGB colour corrections (somewhat resolved but using
> native .net components - bit of a bugger as I prefer PHP/MySQL - and
> generally open-source code bases - you'll all be glad to hear).
> If anyone would like to positively contribute to the effort (I'd had to
> give up due to 'proper' responsibilities - but I'm keen to get this
> behemoth working full-time!) I'd be happy to open up the source - it ain't
> pretty but it works to a degree…
> The majority of the work is down to decoding/decrypting various types of
> Adobe's PDF methods - and it is a beast to overcome (countless hours on PDF
> discussion sites and binary/bytearray info site (Thibault Imbert of
> AlivePDF deserves a shout here for fantastic inspiration a good few years
> ago)) << am I allowed to double-brace comments on a coding forum?
> I'd have to ask for open-source updates (I don't want anybody to take this
> and run with it) and as I've not openly sourced anything before - can
> anyone on the Apache team let me know a good route to go down so as to
> ensure that my previous work would be collaborated on as opposed to… reaped?
> I'll look forward to any feedback?
> Wayne
> On 24 Feb 2013, at 22:16, "Lucas Junqueira / Ciclope" <
> lucas@ciclope.art.br> wrote:
> > HI, I did some checking on PurePDF and it sounds very promising, but for
> > creating PDF, not for reading and parsing it into pictures - there are
> some
> > key limitations... However the idea of ImageMagik is nice, and since I'll
> > use it for a desktop AIR application for Windows, the solution is
> > excellent. Tryied it here and worked just fine - (I had to install
> > GhostScript too to make it work).
> >
> > Thank you!

Lucas Junqueira
lucas@ciclope.art.br / (31)2555-0635 / (31)9133-6635
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