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From Wayne Studley <waynestud...@me.com>
Subject Re: use flex to create picture (JPG or PNG) files from a PDF?
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2013 22:52:48 GMT
With regard this view PDF topic that's been bounded about of late - I'd last year built a flex
app that would parse/decode PDF's and convert the various objects into their various objects
- with some limitations I should add.

PDFx were preferable inputs but the results were pretty good - decoding fonts (only the characters
within the PDF), text (all ok), images (gifs/jpgs ok but png's were limited to non-alpha channelled).
All the binaries could be written to output files (such as the images - regardless of input-format,
fonts - although you'd need licensing agreements for the latter - needless to say).

Vector graphics were also resolved but I'd had a good few problems resolving RGB>CMYK>RGB
colour corrections (somewhat resolved but using native .net components - bit of a bugger as
I prefer PHP/MySQL - and generally open-source code bases - you'll all be glad to hear).

If anyone would like to positively contribute to the effort (I'd had to give up due to 'proper'
responsibilities - but I'm keen to get this behemoth working full-time!) I'd be happy to open
up the source - it ain't pretty but it works to a degree…

The majority of the work is down to decoding/decrypting various types of Adobe's PDF methods
- and it is a beast to overcome (countless hours on PDF discussion sites and binary/bytearray
info site (Thibault Imbert of AlivePDF deserves a shout here for fantastic inspiration a good
few years ago)) << am I allowed to double-brace comments on a coding forum?

I'd have to ask for open-source updates (I don't want anybody to take this and run with it)
and as I've not openly sourced anything before - can anyone on the Apache team let me know
a good route to go down so as to ensure that my previous work would be collaborated on as
opposed to… reaped?

I'll look forward to any feedback?


On 24 Feb 2013, at 22:16, "Lucas Junqueira / Ciclope" <lucas@ciclope.art.br> wrote:

> HI, I did some checking on PurePDF and it sounds very promising, but for
> creating PDF, not for reading and parsing it into pictures - there are some
> key limitations... However the idea of ImageMagik is nice, and since I'll
> use it for a desktop AIR application for Windows, the solution is
> excellent. Tryied it here and worked just fine - (I had to install
> GhostScript too to make it work).
> Thank you!

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