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From Greg Huddleston <ghuddles...@reachips.com>
Subject RE: use flex to create picture (JPG or PNG) files from a PDF?
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2013 20:59:08 GMT
2/23/2013 @ 1 pm PT

Hi Lucas and all... (I am new to the group and thought I would take a stab at your ?)

Re:  convert PDF to pages.

Not sure how to approach this inside a FLEX/AS3 app -- but I do know how you can do it offline
using ImageMagik

If interested in this approach, Install Imagemagik for your platform then issue a convert
command  similar to the one below (like this depending on your general needs),


   Home:\ or   C:\  or ...     convert.exe c:\xampp\htdocs\bookdrop\test.pdf -units PixelsPerInch
-colorspace RGB -density 900x900 -quality 90 c:\xampp\htdocs\assets\%%d.jpg

Will pick apart a PDF and make test00.jpg, text01.jpg etc etc

All for free...  I presume convert has a switch of some sort to go from PDF -> single-image
if that's what you need/want.

Obviously not flex/air related, but depending on your environment, perhaps you can logically
kick off some sort of System("convert.exe . . . ") let the outside process perform what you
need, and read in the IMG using something like StageWebView(), upon a completionEvent of some

Just a thought   Cheers //GH

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From: Lucas Junqueira / Ciclope [mailto:lucas@ciclope.art.br] 
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 9:30 AM
To: users@flex.apache.org
Subject: use flex to create picture (JPG or PNG) files from a PDF?

Hi, is there a way to use flex to open a PDF file and save its contents (all pages) as picture
files? I was looking for some solutions like opening the PDF with the HTMLLoader class or
use some libraries like alivepdf but didn't get good results...

Lucas Junqueira
lucas@ciclope.art.br / (31)2555-0635 / (31)9133-6635 Ateliê Ciclope de arte e publicação

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