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From "Terry Corbet" <tcor...@ix.netcom.com>
Subject Falcon Status
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 09:21:09 GMT
Using the mail archives for the Users List, I can see no current information answering the
question as to whether or not Falcon compilation of MXML is yet certified to be working properly.
 Especially after the new RoadMap killing off ASNext are we in need of someone to act as the
Product Manager for Apache Flex and proactively publish materials intended for the user community.
 Yes, I can read through hundreds of exchanges between Gordon Smith, seemingly the only person
working on these matters, and other interested insiders who dwell on the Developers List,
or I can even watch all the Commits that have something to do with that work.  But where can
a user of this framework get the information necessary to make an informed decision as to
what further investment our company should make in Flex?  This looks more and more like there
being a lot of wannabe's doing their best to get something usable to the building of AIR applicatiions
with the Spark and newer Components, but only one person actually committed to making it work.
 You can chitchat about overloading and generics til the cows come home -- who is going to
make sure our applications can compile?  Or asked another way, how long are we going to live
with Mr. Thibault calling all the shots with his vision of what computing is important.  He
wants to play games -- he is playing games while we are trying to build business applications
that can keep our companies and our country competitive and that will not happen if five hundred
angry birds can jump on the GPU per frame.  We know that his vision has won at Adobe, why
is his vision, his idea of what future language features should or should not be implemented
driving the Apache Flex project?  Are we going to build with the old compiler or the new one?
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