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From Jeffry Houser <jef...@dot-com-it.com>
Subject Re: What is the general perception of Apache Flex and Flash in mid 2012?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 14:09:57 GMT
On 6/27/2012 9:57 AM, Gary Griswold wrote:
> Hi,
> While I agree in general with the last three emails on the importance of Flex, I am worried.
 In the last 6 months since Apache started work on Flex, I have seen no discussion about features,
and no plans of development.
   You should check out the mailing list archives, then. ( 
http://markmail.org/search/+list:org.apache.incubator.flex-dev ).
   Additionally, you may want to check out the whiteboard area of the 
Apache Flex SVN.  You'll see a lot of people have done a lot of 
different things.

> The conference was encouraging that Adobe was donating a little more work soon to be
finished, but the conference gave little to no indication of what was going to happen to Flex
within Apache.
> http://www.360flex.com/
  Where you there?  I remember being on a panel with lots of other 
contributors; and we all spoke about the stuff we were interested in 
doing related to Apache.

> If the Apache Flex wants people to believe in the future of Flex a much better job has
to be done delivering information about possible features considered, features to be included,
plans for development, and release schedules.

   When you're a corporation (like say Adobe), release schedules exist 
because they relate to revenue streams and quarterly profits. Apache, as 
a volunteer organization, does not have anything so formalized.  People 
generally work on things that they need; or want.  Releases will happen 
"whenever we feel like it."  And releases can be as simple as a single 
bug fix that someone felt was important to get out there ASAP.

  Once we get a formal release, and figure out how to make releases in 
the context of Apache, I expect you'll see more releases from Apache 
Flex than you ever saw from Adobe. However, I also expect the releases 
will be less "jaw dropping."

Jeffry Houser
Technical Entrepreneur
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