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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Release Apache Flex SDK Installer 3.3 - RC3*
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2017 06:23:57 GMT

JFYI May be another issue with the new installer.

I got sent this off line:

(paths edited to remove user name)

Installer version 3.3.0 (windows)
Using Locale: en_US
Fetched the SDK download mirror URL from the CGI.
SDK version Apache Flex SDK 4.16.0
AIR version 27.0
Flash Player version 27.0
Creating Apache Flex home
Creating temporary directory
Downloading Apache Flex SDK from: http://apache.mirror.cdnetworks.com/flex/4.16.0/binaries/apache-flex-sdk-4.16.0-bin.zip
Verifying Apache Flex SDK MD5 Signature
The Apache Flex SDK MD5 Signature of the downloaded files matches the reference. The file
is valid.
Uncompressing: ...apache-flex-sdk-4.16.0-bin.zip
Finished uncompressing: ...apache-flex-sdk-4.16.0-bin.zip
Downloading Adobe AIR Runtime Kit for Windows from: http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/win/download/27.0//AdobeAIRSDK.zip
Validating download: ...4.16.0_AIR27.0/in/AdobeAIRSDK.zip
Finished uncompressing: ...4.16.0_AIR27.0/in/AdobeAIRSDK.zip
Should unzip: ${shouldUnzip}
Mounting dmg
Exec task failed: /usr/bin/hdiutil
Installation aborted: http://flex.apache.org/track-installer.html?failure=true&label=Apache
Flex SDK 4.16.0&version=4.16.0&os=windows&installerversion=3.3.0&info=&info=Exec%20task%20failed%3A%20/usr/bin/hdiutil

Note it’s installer 3.3 (i.e. the new one) on windows / SDK 4.16.0  and AIR version 27 but
it’s trying to run " /usr/bin/hdiutil” which is OSX/unix.

At a guess it’s looking like ${shouldUnzip} is not being set so it’s think it’s on OSX
and trying to mount the dmg file which doesn’t exist.

Looking in google analytics I see 42 instances of this error from 31` different users. (about
30% of 3.3.0 requests) There’s no working installs of 4.16.0 on windows at all in the logs
just 4.16.1.

The also a few of the same errors (9) on OSX 
/track-installer.html?failure=true&label=Apache Flex SDK 4.16.0&version=4.16.0&os=mac&installerversion=3.3.0&info=&info=Exec
task failed: /usr/bin/hdiutil

But some successes as well so not 100% sure what’s happening there. Of 130 attempts to install
FlexSDK using 3.3 only around 30 have worked.

We may want to do some more testing before releasing it?
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