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From Peter Ent <p...@adobe.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: home.apache.org
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2017 17:05:13 GMT
I get permission denied (public key). I remember having to set up
something for the old people site (I think) and have been trying to hunt
down the instructions.


On 9/13/17, 12:49 PM, "Alex Harui" <aharui@adobe.com.INVALID> wrote:

>Should just be:
>  sftp home.apache.org
>Hope you remember your passphrase.
>On 9/13/17, 9:16 AM, "Peter Ent" <pent@adobe.com.INVALID> wrote:
>>Does anyone have the instructions on how to set up access to your
>>home.apache.org space? I've looked on the apache.org site and all I can
>>find are instructions about the old people.apache.org. I guess I haven't
>>accessed my home.apache.org since I set up my newer computer.
>>I'm going to update my ASDocs info to point to our FlexJS ASDocs app page
>>since Google is pointing to my old ASDoc and it needs to be more current.

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