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From Kessler CTR Mark J <mark.kessler....@usmc.mil>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] Name of the FlexJS Fork
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2017 11:50:08 GMT
Royale sounds too much like Pulp Fiction...

    I do like the idea of the project and frameworks have similar names.  Although I don't
mind either way.  If it's like having a make and a model, I would consider Apache more of
the Make field and the Model being the SDK/framework which skips our project name all together.

    In our environment they hear the framework name, but do not know what it means, they simply
just see the end result of the products we produce.  We are judged on what our target application
looks, feels, and functions like.  Once we get rid of the Flash dependency, the only negative
perception will go away.  So the ultimate framework just needs to have professional name and

Selling the concept of the framework is rated for us in three main aspects.

1.  Longevity; knowing it will be around a long time.

2.  Consistency that the structure, classes, and properties that we end up using won't be
constantly changing (adding to is fine).

3.  Activity on the project showing its alive and well.

-Mark K

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