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From Dave Fisher <dave2w...@comcast.net>
Subject [DISCUSS] Name of the FlexJS Fork
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2017 01:01:17 GMT
Hi -

In discussions on the Board and Private list about the proposal voted on a few weeks ago to
fork FlexJS it was pointed out that it would good to discuss if a new name should be attached
to the forked project.

There are one or two propositions to discuss.

(1) FlexJS - is this distinct enough and will the historical connection to Adobe/Apache Flex
and Flash help or hinder the forked project’s future?

Please provide arguments in any direction.

(2) If a change is the outcome then we need to discuss and accumulate reasonable names. Determine
what is suitable by checking for other uses of these names. If there are multiple choices
available then we should vote.

A discussion of possible names can go in parallel to the discussion about keeping FlexJS.

This discussion needs to proceed quickly if we want to have an open process in advance of
the next ASF Board meeting.


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