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From yishayw <yishayj...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Pros and Cons of Using Royale to Build Websites
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2017 05:56:16 GMT
Olaf Krueger wrote
> That said, I think you just need a couple of static HTML files to get it
> work. 
> No complex controls or complex logic needed. 
> For this use case I don't see the benefit of using Royale or other complex
> frameworks.

To me it's easier to write in MXML than in HTML, especially if there are
good layouts. If there are recurring sections or pages that can be
abstracted to MXML tags that's an advantage too.

>>I found this [1] an interesting read on the >subject
> Mhhh....  maybe I got it wrong but it seems to me that a couple of points
> could be also true for Royale(JS). (If you basically share the ideas that
> are provided within this article)

I was using [1] to get an intro to the challenges one faces when using a
client side framework to create a website. I'm interested to hear opinions
on whether Royale can meet these challenges. SEO, for example, has been
cited as a major disadvantage of using client side rendering. But reading
[2] it looks like there are ways around that.

[2] https://moz.com/blog/javascript-seo

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