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From Peter Ent <p...@adobe.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] findPopupHost issue
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 13:22:17 GMT
I needed events to bubble for the drag and drop work. While that was fine
for the Flash Player, the FlexJS/Google/Browser event mix didn't work.
Alex suggested I used setParentTarget on the event to work up the tree and
then the event would be dispatched at each level, thus mimicking bubbling.
I did this exclusively for drag events (see DragEvent class).

Rather than putting that in as the solution for this, I took a simpler


On 7/21/17, 2:35 AM, "Harbs" <harbs.lists@gmail.com> wrote:

>Bubbling does not work very well in FlexJS in general.
>When you can rely on native browser event bubbling, it usually works
>okay, but custom events don¹t bubble.
>> On Jul 21, 2017, at 1:49 AM, Justin Mclean <justin@classsoftware.com>
>> Hi,
>>> The issue was that the TitleBar was dispatching "close" with
>>> This works fine on SWF but not on the HTML platform without some extra
>>> work. So I just had PanelView intercept the event and dispatch one from
>>> its strand. 
>> Out of interest is this because of a missing cloneEvent method or that
>>it wasn¹t listening on a parent of the item that dispatched the bubbling
>>event or something else?
>> Thanks,
>> Justin

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