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From Dave Fisher <dave2w...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] technical debt
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2017 23:47:37 GMT
Justin -

You seem to pick the part of the conversation that you are interested in and edit out the
rest of the context. It makes it difficult to have a conversation about the best way to move
forward in this project.

>>> Feel free to do what you want to SonarQube now, but don’t make any changes
based on the reports.

>> You are free to review any commits and I make and veto any them on their technical
merits. You are not free to revert any changes without discussion or a veto. Everyone is free
to scratch their own itch here and the tools you use to find any issues should be irrelevant.

> Here we have the catch. Apache projects also operate by consensus and as volunteers.
If one individual works against consensus and also takes peoples time away then problems arise
with the community dynamic. RTC has been suggested precisely because it is one way to solve
this issue. There are other ways.
> Consensus is very important please work on that aspect of this discussion.

My whole statement worked together and I would appreciate it if you would think about this
in its whole. Think about other times when you and Harbs have had this dynamic.

Think about “other ways”. The project does not appear interested in following RTC.

Ahh there went 10 minutes to try to explain it again. (Sigh)


> Thank you,
> Dave

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