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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: [Flex Installer] Zip files on Windows and Error #1000
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2017 00:27:23 GMT
Sounds ok to me.   Is your installer running an MD5 computation on these
huge AIR SDKs?  I'm wondering if that step has enough memory.  If it is
working for you then it probably does.


On 6/20/17, 3:13 PM, "Josh Tynjala" <joshtynjala@gmail.com> wrote:

>In the Feathers SDK Manager, I also had the same issue with Error #1000 on
>Windows as we're having with the Flex SDK Installer. I was able to come up
>with a solution for this issue.
>To recap, on Windows, the Installer currently allocates more memory than
>allowed by a 32-bit process. The file size of the AIR SDK has grown
>significantly recently, and that brought us over the threshold. The
>Installer loads the entire zip file for the AIR SDK into memory to expand
>it to the file system with ActionScript. My solution is to have a native
>system process expand the zip file instead.
>Windows PowerShell is able to expand zip files. Here is the command that I
>came up with that does the trick:
>C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -Command &
>{Param([string]$zipPath,[string]$outPath)$shell = New-Object -ComObject
>shell.application;$zip = $shell.NameSpace($zipPath);New-Item -path
>-type directory -force;$shell.NameSpace($outPath).CopyHere($zip.items(), 4
>+ 16);[Environment]::Exit(0);} "src.zip" "destFolder"
>(Replace src.zip and destFolder with the actual paths, obviously)
>PowerShell is installed by default as far back as Windows 7, and I have
>tested that this script runs successfully even using that older version of
>PowerShell. The Adobe AIR system requirements require Windows 7 or newer,
>so while PowerShell may not be available on much older versions of
>Adobe AIR doesn't officially run there either, so the Installer should be
>able to invoke PowerShell safely.
>It's worth mentioning that our AntOnAIR library and the Flex SDK Installer
>uses /usr/bin/tar to expan tar files on macOS, so invoking system
>executables is already something that we've done in this codebase.
>You can see how I call PowerShell with NativeProcess in context in the
>Unzip class in my fork of AntOnAIR:
>I'd be happy to make these changes in the Flex SDK Installer too, unless I
>hear any objections.
>- Josh

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