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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] hard coded event names
Date Wed, 24 May 2017 20:07:08 GMT

> I was under the assumption that every constant adds an alias to the output.

That doesn’t seem to be the case as the compiler can optimise this - that’s a good think.
Leet like get to make a cake and eat it.

> But again, I'd prefer that we don't spend time on this topic until after the release.

This is not going to effect the release - but I don’t see any reason to not talk about it
/ defer talking about it - scratch your own itch and all that.

Things can still happen when a release is being made if people don’t have the bandwidth
to read every message they can be selective in what they read on this list or catch up later
as probably was the case for most people at ApacheCon last week. No one there said sorry but
can you not talk about the release because we’re busy on other stuff  :-)

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