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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] hard coded event names
Date Wed, 24 May 2017 03:14:05 GMT

> Like I already said; constants add much more bulk to the JS source code. Try it and you’ll

I’ve tried it and they don’t, but  perhaps I’m missing something?

Looking some AS code like so:

var result1:String = "One" + "Two" + "Three";
var result2:String = ONE + TWO + THREE;
var result3:String = Outside.ONE + Outside.TWO + Outside.THREE;
var duplicate1:String = "One" + "Two" + "Three";
var duplicate2:String = ONE + TWO + THREE;
var duplicate3:String = Outside.ONE + Outside.TWO + Outside.THREE;

On the debug side we get:

In Outside.js:
  Outside.ONE = "One”;
  Outside.TWO = "Two”;
  Outside.THREE = "Three”;

In main program:
  StaticConst.ONE = "One”;
  StaticConst.TWO = "Two”;
  StaticConst.THREE = "Three";

  var /** @type {string} */ result1 = "One" + "Two" + "Three";
  var /** @type {string} */ result2 = StaticConst.ONE + StaticConst.TWO + StaticConst.THREE;
  var /** @type {string} */ result3 = Outside.ONE + Outside.TWO + Outside.THREE;
  var /** @type {string} */ duplicate1 = "One" + "Two" + "Three";
  var /** @type {string} */ duplicate2 = StaticConst.ONE + StaticConst.TWO + StaticConst.THREE;
  var /** @type {string} */ duplicate3 = Outside.ONE + Outside.TWO + Outside.THREE;

There doesn’t seem to be any optimisation in any of the three methods for debug and in fact
using strings vs static const looks to increases the memory use of the code as you have multiple
instances of “one”, “two”, “three”.It may do some optimisation at runtime I guess.
But at a casual glance hard coding duplicate strings seem worse off although I agree it doesn’t
have the object property lookup cost. I can’t see that would be significant.

For release we get all three get treated exactly same way as Greg pointed out. In fact it
goes as far as to optimise them all to be the same variable and use that single variable rather
than have 6 different variables.

So I can’t really see any reason for hard coding this in the SDK as it seems you get exactly
the same results in production and probably better off in debug.

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