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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: FlexSDK 4.16.0 installer errors
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2017 04:44:54 GMT

On 4/16/17, 8:20 PM, "danielmcquillen" <daniel@mcquilleninteractive.com>

>Hi All,
>Attempting ant install like others. Probs silly question but if I'm only
>targeting captive runtime, do I need to follow steps #4 and #5 in the
>and install the Flash Player content debugger and playerglobal.swc or can
>safely ignore those?

Well, technically, you don't need those, but I think Flash Builder might
think the folder isn't a Flex SDK if you don't have those files.  Not sure
if other IDEs are expecting those files as well.

>Alternatively, is the AIR installer going to be back online soon? Now that
>it's gone I'm reminded of how helpful it was.

The problem is that we either need to rewrite the MD5 buffering, or switch
to a 64-bit Windows EXE, but there is no way to generate an "installer for
the installer" in 64-bit Windows.  Other creative ideas are welcome, as
are volunteers to make the required changes.

I agree we need to do something to get the Installer to work, but I don't
think we've achieved consensus on what to do.


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