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From PKumar <prashaku...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS][FalconJX] Dual output Compilation
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2017 18:30:21 GMT

I downloaded the flexjs dual nightly build and it is working as expected
but one thing I want to point out here is that if I am not adding
"-compiler.target SWF" compiler option in FB 4.7 then I am getting compiler
error. If you want to check error screen shot, I can send you.

On 07-Mar-2017 7:01 AM, "Alex Harui [via Apache Flex Development]" <
ml-node+s2333347n60197h19@n4.nabble.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I think I finally have the dual branch operational enough for folks to
> poke at.  There is one issue with FB integration where it keeps starting a
> compile right after the previous compile finishes.  I'm looking into that
> today, but for now I just go to Project Properties and switch to another
> FlexJS SDK.
> One goal of the dual branch was to have one invocation of the compiler
> generate both SWF and JS output.  That way, if you are using an IDE like
> FlashBuilder and save your changes, the compiler will generate both SWF
> and JS and catch any differences in the underlying APIs.
> Another goal was to allow FlexJS classes to generate overrides of Flash
> classes but with FlexJS types.  This would give us better control over the
> APIs presented to FlexJS customers.  For example, in Flash, Sprite has a
> dispatchEvent method that takes a flash.events.Event.  We'd like to tell
> our users that UIBase has a dispatchEvent that takes an
> org.apache.flex.events.Event.  But if you write:
>   class UIBase extends Sprite
>   {
>     override public function
> dispatchEvent(event:org.apache.flex.events.Event):Boolean
>     {
>     }
>   }
> The compiler normally returns an error since the base class has:
>   public function dispatchEvent(event:flash.events.Event):Boolean
> But now we can add metadata to our dispatchEvent override.
>   [SWFOverride(params="flash.events.Event",
> altparams="org.apache.flex.events.Event:org.apache.flex.events.MouseEvent")
> ]
>   override public function
> dispatchEvent(event:org.apache.flex.events.Event):Boolean
> And the FlexJS compiler will allow the override without an error.
> However, it will actually generate SWF code for event being a
> flash.events.Event since the runtime would otherwise throw an exception
> about illegal overrides. As long as org.apache.flex.events.Event extends
> flash.events.Event on the SWF side, then the code will operate normally in
> the player.
> The combination of these two goals make Flash Builder integration a bit
> more seamless.  Before, you would save your changes and compile a SWF,
> then go and run an Eclipse launch script that ran the cross-compiler.  And
> errors found during the cross-compile couldn't be clicked on in the
> problems pane.  But now, on each save you spend a bit more time compiling
> for both platforms, but you immediately see errors against the JS APIs and
> can examine them from the problems pane.  I found some missing APIs while
> testing this.
> In addition, the flex-config.xml and air-config.xml files have between
> tweaked to be JS-oriented.  IOW, the external-library-path and
> library-path in those files point to JS.swc and the FlexJS JS SWCs (like
> BasicJS.swc).  This means that code-hinting is oriented towards the JS API
> surface. That prevents a lot of Flash-only APIs from showing up in the
> code hinting.  We might want to figure out a way to hide APIs since some
> of the offerings don't have Flash support either.
> One cool outcome of this work is that we can now generate the JS output
> without playerglobal.swc or airglobal.swc.  I think they are needed for
> Flash Builder to think of the SDK as a Flex SDK, but if you are not using
> FB and just using Ant or Maven, it should be possible to create a release
> package for those Ant and Maven customers that have no Adobe dependencies!
>  Of course, that means that you won't get SWF output, which I think is
> still beneficial for many reasons, but if you think you don't need the SWF
> output, we could come up with a release package that is truly all ALv2
> compatible.
> I made changes to the Maven mojos to exercise this dual output code, but
> I'm waiting on Christofer and other maven experts to decide whether I've
> broken any Maven rules.   Maven doesn't really need these changes since
> you essentially dictate what outputs you want in the POM anyway.  The main
> benefit of dual output was for IDEs like Flash Builder.
> Anyway, you can try to use the Installer and install the FlexJS Dual build
> or build it from the repos.  If you use the repos, be sure to get both the
> flex-falcon and flex-asjs dual branches and build flex-falcon first.
> Let me know what you think.
> -Alex
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