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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Have a Flex project summit at ApacheCon NA 2017?
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2017 15:48:09 GMT
Well, if you are open to alternative proposals, one is to have two
"summits", one in EU, one in Seattle.  And they would be oriented towards
online attendees, and would be free to attend.

Here are some observations:
-One or more of us have attended every ApacheCon for about 5 years and not
netted a single new committer.
-More folks attended the FlexJS World Tour in the Bay Area online than in
-We have been talking about a Summit at ApacheCon for several days now.
About 700 folks got the email and only one new person (Karl) raised his
hand to attend.
-It may be more difficult for some folks in the EU to get to Miami.
-Many key contributors to FlexJS are not in the US (Harbs, Yishay, Piotr,
Carlos, Chris).

So yeah, it is a bummer that you will be in the US for ApacheCon and I
might not meet up with you this time.  But I was looking at travel
yesterday and the web says it is 10 hours for me to get to Miami.  And 15
hours to get to Frankfurt.  And ApacheCon is happening near the end of the
school year for my kids.

If you can still offer your company's conference room for a face-to-face
for free, and it turns out that more of Piotr, Carlos, Harbs, Yishay, and
Olaf can agree on a date between around June 21 and Aug 21 to attend in
person, I will much prefer to spend my time and money going to Frankfurt
in the summer, and if I can't make it, I will get up early or stay up late
and attend online.

I can almost certainly offer Seattle as the US meet up location, and it
makes it easy for Josh, who is another key contributor, to attend.  I can
offer the Bay Area and maybe Boston or New York if there are collections
of folks who would want to meet up in that region.

My sense is that there just isn't enough money in Flex/FlexJS to make the
value proposition of attending face-to-face worth it to enough people to
gather even 20 of us in one place right now.  The world is too big, travel
is too expensive, on-line meetings work pretty well, Flex doesn't have
enough new things, and FlexJS doesn't have enough traction.  IOW, what
will potential customers get out of paying for attending in Miami that
they wouldn't get online for free?  You have a different value proposition
to your company because you have taken on ASF-wide duties and there is
value to being a speaker.  But all 30 folks that we want to draw in can't
be speakers, so there has to be some other value they get for attending.
I would need to know that we are at 10 attendees before the
committer-price deadline expires otherwise I will have difficulties
convincing my management that Miami is the right place to go.

If Piotr or anyone else does get to Miami via TAC, they will have TAC
duties to perform.  Will there be a guarantee that those duties will not
conflict with attendance at our summit?


On 1/27/17, 12:24 AM, "Christofer Dutz" <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de> wrote:

>The thing is: 
>I will definitely not fly to the US Bay Area (I would be surprised to
>hear any different proposal) for just one day. ApacheCon has the benefit
>of being a large conference, that is worth doing such a trip. My company
>allows me to go, because of the marketing value of being a speaker at a
>large international conference (Or at least for serving my part as part
>of the Foundation (TAC)). Being a speaker or even just an attendee on a
>little 20-person event in some meeting room at Adobe will definitely not
>buy me the ticket.
>ApacheCon provides the chance for people from all over the world to
>gather there and the chance to have those, who can’t afford coming by
>applying for TAC. 
>A separate event will probably just benefit a few people in the area
>around the location the event is hosted at, but definitely not be a
>community thing.
>The 30 People thing is also just because I asked for a separately
>bookable event. I guess if we make it happen as fully integrated part of
>ApacheCon that requirement would be different. After all the reason for
>me asking for the separate charge was to make it possible for you (Alex)
>to only come for the one day, as you stated, that you wouldn’t like to
>come for the entire conference.
>And I would like to call it “FlexJS Project Summit” even if it’s not 100%
>correct. But I think for most people Flex is old and dead. I think we
>wouldn’t be talking much about the old Flex SDK, but focus completely on
>FlexJS, so I think this would make more people curious to read what we
>are doing.
>Am 27.01.17, 08:00 schrieb "Alex Harui" <aharui@adobe.com>:
>    On 1/26/17, 1:49 PM, "Christofer Dutz" <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de>
>    >I’ll definitely volunteer to handle the details … well I guess most
>    >things are already handled and I’m just waiting on a “Go-consensus”,
>    >I think we have that and now it would be up to filling the seats ;-)
>    >
>    >I think this would be the best option to finally get the team
>    >AND get new people involved.
>    >
>    >For me the community over code thing is not restricted to “Flex
>    >over Flex code”, but more a total ASF view thing.
>    >
>    >For me it’s 1000+ to make it happen.
>    Well, it is certainly worth pursuing, but I am wondering if there is a
>    cut-off date where, if we don't have enough seats filled, we can bail
>     I'm not clear it is in the best interests of the Linux Foundation,
>    ASF, or even Flex if only 6 people can make it.
>    I thought I saw that there is only room at ApacheCon for one more
>    project's summit.  It doesn’t seem right that we take up a summit
>spot if
>    there are other projects that can bring more people.
>    I certainly hope there will be a year where there is enough money in
>    to fill enough seats to have a summit at ApacheCon.  Based on early
>    responses, I'm not clear that 2017 is the year.  If we decide not to
>do a
>    summit at ApacheCon, I have some alternate proposals for us to
>    I've purposefully not proposed them so far so as not to dilute
>    from this attempt to have a summit.
>    Thoughts?
>    -Alex

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