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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] Tour de FlexJS
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2017 20:07:03 GMT

On 1/10/17, 11:49 AM, "omuppi1@gmail.com on behalf of OmPrakash Muppirala"
<omuppi1@gmail.com on behalf of bigosmallm@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Let me know what you think. Alex has suggested using the ASDoc example
>> the starting point.
>I think the MDLExample would be a good scaffolding website.  The ASDoc
>example, fontawesome example, etc. can go in each as a tab.

Designing the top-level will be the fun part ;-).

The regular Tour De Flex is here [1]  It uses a Tree as the top-level.
IMO, that's more scalable than tabs, if I understand what you were
thinking.  IOW, a vertical list can show more things than a row of tabs.
To be clear, I didn't mean to suggest starting with ASDoc Example as much
as borrowing the Tree from ASDoc Example as the shell.

IMO, we don't need to match the current Tour De Flex at all in terms of
look-and-feel and content, but I was thinking Tour de FlexJS could have
component sets at the top-level of the tree and maybe some example apps at
the top-level as well.

I'm also wondering if we should carve out room in the UI for more words to
describe what's going on like in Flex Examples.

This might be a good first place to implement non-unloadable modules.
Each "example" could be a module.


[1] http://flex.apache.org/tourdeflex/index.html

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