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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache Flex SDK 4.16 RC1 release
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2017 06:25:12 GMT

> The subject line says RC1.  IMO, we should be testing the CI build, not RC1.

As I stated I wasn’t testing RC1 I was testing the 4.16 release branch.

People are free to download the CI and test that or if they want compile from the 4.16 release
branch, they are identical to each other.

Well not quite identical; on the CI the 3rd party downloads are cached so it’s possible
for the CI server to pass but a compile from the release branch to fail. Which was the exact
issue we were concerned about. However trying to compile the source release from the CI server
should pick up that issue as well.

> The wiki [1] says that people are supposed to "test the artifacts available on the CI

You missed the first bit, it’s “RM … calls on the community to test the artifacts available
on the CI server”. The RM has presumably already tested this. Perhaps that could be clearer?

Current ASF policy is that you need to compile on your own machine. We can’t take what on
a CI server and turn that into a RC. Perhaps you can try and get policy changed on the general
incubator list. I know you’ve brought up this issue in the past but from what I remember
there was no consensus for that change.

> And, those artifacts should be coming from the 'release' branch, not the develop branch.

The CI artefacts are coming from the 4.16 release branch so we’re all good there. [1] If
you look at the config or log you’ll see it's getting the source from origin/release4.16.0.
> FWIW, last night (for me), I tested the CI artifacts on OSX and was able to build the
CI's source artifact on Windows.

OK thanks, sounds like we are good to go for RC2 then.


1. http://apacheflexbuild.cloudapp.net:8080/job/flex-sdk_release-candidate/195/
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