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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Using source class instead of compiled swc
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 17:40:21 GMT

On 12/6/16, 3:32 AM, "sankar" <santanu4ver@gmail.com> wrote:

>Alex Harui wrote
>> Any classes found in the source-path will be used instead of classes in
>> SWC.  That is the basis of "monkey-patching".
>I'm not very clear, but are you saying that when I declare a
><js:SimpleBinding in my project, the class file actually calls from
>instead from any swc?

Only if you have SimpleBinding.as in the source-path.  Most of us don't by
default.  Instead, the compiled source is grabbed from the SWC.

>I also wondering you must have some way of writing codes in SDK framework
>source files while debugging, and testing; how you do them?

The compiled source in the SWC contains debugfile opcodes with the path to
the source file.  If the debugger can find the source file at the
specified path then the source will be shown in the debugger.  If you
don't have the exact path, Flash will try to find it in a few other
places, but for me, since I compile the SWCs on the same machine I'm
debugging an app on, the paths match up and I can see the source in the

In other cases, I do put some of the SWC sourcess on the source-path so I
can just change the source and test the change without having to recompile
the SWC.

Also, I rarely use the GUI debugger in an IDE.  I am a command-line junkie
and use FDB mostly.


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