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From "Justin M. Hill" <Jus...@Prominic.NET>
Subject Re: FlexJS -- we really need to get bugs into JIRA
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2016 17:13:45 GMT

Hi Alex,

I understand what you are saying about Apache having a unique approach, but
on the other hand countless software development projects have been
improved by better tracking.

When it is possible to associate a bug's fixes with changes in the source
code, everyone following the project has clarity.  This helps in the long
run to improve the community's understanding of the code.

Our team is doing everything we can to help, and our focus is on the IDE.
This has certainly presented a lot of challenges and kept us busy.   We
have a massive list in our own JIRA of bugs and enhancements for Moonshine.
So everyone here can see where things are going.

I have encouraged the rest of the team here to contribute to FlexJS as well
as we can, but aside from the TabComponent Dhwani and Kinjal worked on I am
not sure we have the skill set to be modifying the compiler.

I continue to think FlexJS would benefit from a central, organized
repository with a written path of objectives beyond what is in the mailing

I understand this is a time consuming item and takes away time from coding.
I think there is great value in this time investment and will help others
see what is being done over time and how they can help tackle issues.

I hope we can shift as a community to the JIRA model of bug tracking for

Thank you,

Justin Hill
My Apache Flex community contribution is working on the open source
Moonshine-IDE.com for FlexJS.

From:	Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com>
To:	"Justin M. Hill" <Justin@Prominic.NET>, "dev@flex.apache.org"
Cc:	Pan Li <PanLi@Prominic.NET>, "Dhwani K. Shah"
            <Dhwani@Prominic.NET>, Santanu Karar <Santanu@Prominic.NET>,
            "Kinjal J. Patel" <Kinjal@Prominic.NET>, "Walker L. Dalton"
            <Walker@Prominic.NET>, "Joel C. Anderson" <Joel@Prominic.NET>
Date:	11/04/2016 11:51 AM
Subject:	Re: FlexJS -- we really need to get bugs into JIRA

Hi Justin,

I think we are using JIRA more these days, but IMO, it still isn't worth
documenting every change in JIRA.  Apache projects are supposed to feel
more like potlucks than corporate efforts, and I don't want some volunteer
with only an few minutes of time to decide not to contribute a null check
because they have to fill out a JIRA issue before committing a change.  so
there is always a chance something will be missed in JIRA.  Searching the
dev@ and commits@ lists and trying the nightly build should probably become
a standard practice before reporting a bug.

Anybody can have a JIRA account, and yes, I encourage everyone to file
bugs, but I know not everyone will.  Also realize that your list of other
frameworks are all corporate controlled which is why you felt compelled to
list the corporation's name with the framework's name.  The Apache model is
different.  At Apache, folks from all over the world can be committers and
thus don't have to use JIRA in order to get something fixed, they can just
do it.

In fact, I would rather your team propose fixes instead of trying to
workaround bugs in Flex or FlexJS code.  Then they are more likely to earn
committer rights and can just make a fix.  IMO, that will be way more
efficient than having to file JIRA issues and wait for someone else to fix
it.   If your team can think and act like they are part of our team, then I
think we will make the most progress.  The dev@ list is our common area.
The other folks writing code for FlexJS often just ask on dev@ "Hey, I'm
having a problem with this, is anybody else?"  I'll bet Pan asked that
internally to the rest of your team, but if Pan asked that right away on
dev@ then we would all have saved time.

It is a different way of thinking, but that's the cool thing about Apache.
You can have more direct involvement than you can with other
corporate-driven projects.


From: "Justin M. Hill" <Justin@Prominic.NET>
Date: Friday, November 4, 2016 at 9:16 AM
To: Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com>, "dev@flex.apache.org" <
Cc: Pan Li <PanLi@Prominic.NET>, "Dhwani K. Shah" <Dhwani@Prominic.NET>,
Santanu Karar <Santanu@Prominic.NET>, "Kinjal J. Patel" <
Kinjal@Prominic.NET>, "Walker L. Dalton" <Walker@Prominic.NET>, "Joel C.
Anderson" <Joel@Prominic.NET>
Subject: FlexJS -- we really need to get bugs into JIRA

Hi Alex,

Everyone here at Prominic would like to see JIRA being used more for Flex
development to track issues.

We are very glad to hear that the nightly 0.8.0 build solved the issue Pan

This has apparently happened before -- where we have spent > 1 day
determining something was a bug, and then another couple of days to
re-write code to work around the bug.   This time would have been better
spent had we known the bug was already on a list and being worked out.

As a community, we are up against a wide variety of frameworks.   Known
bugs should be in bug database. I am sure Google's AngularJS, Microsoft's
Xamarin, Facebook's ReactJS or any other mature cross-platform UI SDK are
tracking bugs, and FlexJS needs to be doing the same.

The overall Apache Flex JIRA appears to be here:

and the FlexJS 0.8 specified project is here:

Are we not looking in the right spot, or is the community just not properly
documenting bugs?

Can Prominic staff get logins to JIRA to help report these?

Thank you,

Justin Hill
My Apache Flex community contribution is working on the open source
Moonshine-IDE.com for FlexJS.

----- Forwarded by Justin M. Hill/A55555/PNI on 11/04/2016 12:05 AM -----

To: "dev@flex.apache.org" <dev@flex.apache.org>
Date: 11/03/2016 11:33 PM
Subject: Re: [FlexJS] Container.numElements is not working

Thanks.  Please try the nightly 0.8.0 build.  It should be fixed already.

>platform: Mac OS 10.4; FlexJS 0.7
>numElements of the UI element Container doesn't work, it can be reproduced
>by this code snippet:
><js:Container id="holder" width="100%" height="100%" >
>     <js:beads>
> <js:VerticalLayout/>
> </js:beads>
> <js:Label text="fooo"/>
>     <js:Label  text="wooo"/>
>     <js:Label id="debug" text="tooverride"/>
>     <js:TextButton text="GO"   click="debug.text = String
>(holder.numElements)" />
>Run it in FlexJS0.7 in javascript or awf mode, it will show "1", but
>expected value is 4.
>Similar code in Flex works as expected:
> <mx:Panel id="holder" title="Panel" status="Active"
>   width="75%" height="75%">
> <s:Label text="fooo"/>
> <s:Label  text="wooo"/>
> <s:Label id="debug" text="tooverride"/>
> <s:Button label="GO"   click="debug.text = String
>(holder.numElements)" />
> </mx:Panel>
>I also noted the api list of FlexJS's Container is much shorter than
>Container, does this mean Container of FlexJS is not fully finished?
>Pan LI
>My Apache Flex community contribution is working on the open source
>Moonshine-IDE.com for FlexJS.

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