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From Josh Tynjala <joshtynj...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Newb making mxmlc unhappy: -define's not going through
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2016 22:31:00 GMT
> '-define=CONFIG::GAME_NAME,A Name With Spaces In It'

I suspect that the opening single quote should be in a different location..
Try putting it after the comma.

- Josh

On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 2:22 PM, Dave Taylor <ddt@davetaylor.name> wrote:

> Hi, my name’s Dave.  This will likely sound backwards, but I’m migrating
> an Air game with a node/js back-end from a heavier Jenkins/hudson/ant/svn
> build process to a lighter-weight bash/git process in order to streamline
> devops for a small team managing multiple game forks.  I’m a Jenkins, ant,
> hudson, ActionScript, and java newb, but I’m learning as fast as I can.
> Thanks in advance for your patience!
> I’m hitting some really hard to understand behaviour from the mxmlc
> compiler that makes me think I am passing it arguments in a violently bad
> way.  It seems that my -define arguments on the command line are not
> surviving the transition to source.  It’s spitting out a ton of errors
> about how CONFIG::THIS or CONFIG::THAT is not defined when it gets to their
> use in various parts of the source code, but I’m starting to think that
> might be a side-effect of a deeper issue I’m not understanding, because I’m
> also getting this error:
> /Users/davetaylor/ddt/redacted/wf/redacted/clients/build/config.as:1
> Syntax error: ':' is not allowed here
> There is no config.as file in that directory.  There is a CONFIG.as file
> in a completely different directory, but there is no colon anywhere in it.
> The only thing in it is “package { public namespace CONFIG ; }” spaced over
> about 4 lines.  I can remove that other CONFIG.as file with no effect on
> the behaviour.  I’ve also tried watching that build directory to see
> whether mxmlc generates a config.as file.  If it does, its lifespan is
> less than one second, because I don’t see it appear.
> I am also getting a couple of Internal Errors that look like this:
> /Users/davetaylor/ddt/redacted/wf/redacted/src/
> client-flash/as/AppConstants.as:115
> Internal error: Unable to generate code for '?'
>                     case "dev":
>                     ^
> It’s the first case of a pretty mundane switch statement.  It doesn’t
> complain about other case statements in that switch, and it hasn’t changed
> from the one that the Jenkins/ant-driven mxmlc compiles successfully.  The
> fact that it’s an “internal error” along with that previous error about the
> file that doesn’t exist is what makes me think I’ve done something
> particularly awful to put mxmlc in something of a state.
> I’ve tried to very meticulously copy the ant-based mxmlc parameters to the
> bash mxmlc command line, which currently looks like this:
> ../../servers/jenkins/flex_sdk_4.6/bin/mxmlc -target-player=28
> -swf-version=29 -compiler.debug=false -compiler.actionscript-file-encoding=UTF-8
> -compiler.show-actionscript-warnings=true -compiler.strict=true
> -incremental=true -keep-generated-actionscript=false -output
> ../android/redacted-73ef2/redacted.swf -use-network=true
> -compiler.as3=true -compiler.optimize=true -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true
> -compiler.external-library-path+=../../servers/jenkins/
> flex_sdk_4.6/frameworks/libs/air/airglobal.swc
> -compiler.library-path+=../../src/client-flash/lib
> -load-config+=../../servers/jenkins/flex_sdk_4.6/frameworks/air-config.xml
> -compiler.source-path+=../../src/client-flash/as
> -compiler.source-path+=../android/generated -default-size 1024 768
> -define=CONFIG::BUILD_ENV,env -define=CONFIG::GAME,redacted
> '-define=CONFIG::GAME_NAME,A Name With Spaces In It'
> https://payment.redacted.com:8081 -define=CONFIG::BUILD_PLATFORM,phone
> -define=CONFIG::AIR,true -define=CONFIG::LOCAL_MODE,false
> -define=CONFIG::ENABLE_CRASH_APP_ON_CHEAT,true ../../src/client-flash/as/
> MainClass.as
> I’ve attached the full error log below.
> I’m using flex 4.6, btw.  I’ve tried running this on both OSX and Windows
> w/ cygwin, and the errors are identical.
> Any clues as to what might be amiss?  I’ve been banging my head on this
> for over half a day, and I’m running out of ideas.
> Thanks so much for your help!  It’s for a fun game featuring what I think
> might be one of the first Rubenesque female heroes in a game I’ve ever
> seen, so noble cause n stuff!  :)
>         =-ddt->

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