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From Harbs <harbs.li...@gmail.com>
Subject [FlexJS]Layout problems
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2016 11:31:28 GMT
FlexJS makes it way too hard to solve simple layout challenges.

1. I have an application with a bunch of buttons. I want to buttons to take up the width of
the view with a 5 px margin on each side. In classic Flex, this was easy. You’d just specify
right=“5” left=“5”, and you’re done. In FlexJS, despite struggling with this for
HOURS, I cannot get it to work correctly.

2. The application is resizable both in width and in height. I would like for the buttons
to be at the top of the app with a 5 px space between them. I was able to get this effect
by adding marginTop property to the css. The problem is that this only works (sort of) with
VerticalLayout. See below:

3. The rest of the space below the buttons should be occupied by a MultilineLabel. The width
should be the same as the buttons, and the height should be the remaining space. Again; in
classic Flex, as long as you knew, the total height of the elements above, you could just
specify top and bottom values, and you’re done. In FlexJS, with no layout I could find,
would top and bottom values have any effect. OneFlexibleChildVerticalLayout seems to do close
to what I want, but it messes up the margins of the buttons.

Despite wanting to keep FlexJS lean, we really need to make it easy for application developers
to use it, or folks will give up before they start...

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