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From Harbs <harbs.li...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] TextArea
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2016 10:37:38 GMT
On a similar vein:

ITextModel and TextModel seems to be flawed in the fact that it assumes that all text can
be html text. This is clearly not true for input and textarea HTML elements.

On Nov 8, 2016, at 12:03 PM, Harbs <harbs.lists@gmail.com> wrote:

> I don’t think TextArea as it stands should have an html property.
> Currently, TextArea is a thin wrapper on <textarea> on the HTML side. <textarea>
does not support innerHTML the way other HTML elements do. It’s basically just a multi-line
> Right now, the html property would cause an error on the HTML side if it would be used
and there’s no way to cleanly implement it. As I see it, there’s two options:
> 1. Remove the html property from TextArea.
> 2. Make the TextArea wrap a div instead of a textarea element.
> The approach that makes sense to me is:
> 1. Remove the html property.
> 2. Create a new RichTextArea component which is a div on the the HTML side and sets contenteditable
to true if it’s an editable one.
> Thoughts?
> Harbs

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