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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: How to make InlineGraphicElements display a hand cursor
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:42:35 GMT
Don't know for sure.  Did you try to have an IGE as a child of a


On 10/25/16, 7:36 PM, "jude" <flexcapacitor@gmail.com> wrote:

>I've been trying to figure out the TLF way to show a hand cursor on roll
>over on InlineGraphicElement and it seems the FlowElementMouseEventManager
>is preventing that with the _needsCtrlKey flag. This is set automatically
>by ContainerController when in edit mode in line ~3200:
>var needsCtrlKey:Boolean = (interactionManager != null &&
>interactionManager.editingMode == EditingMode.READ_WRITE);
>It looks like it wasn't meant to handle much else except LinkElements. So
>I've been trying to come up with alternatives and maybe a long term
>First, I tried to add an event mirror to the IGE to set the Mouse cursor
>inlineGraphicElement = editManager.insertInlineGraphic(source, null, null,
>options, operationState);
>var eventMirror:IEventDispatcher =
>protected function flowElementRollOver(event:Event):void {
>    Mouse.cursor = MouseCursor.BUTTON;
>But the FlowElementMouseEventManager class dispatchFlowElementMouseEvent
>method prevents roll over events from being dispatched unless the CTRL key
>is down:
>        tlf_internal function dispatchFlowElementMouseEvent(type:String,
>        {
>            // Mimick old behavior, and emit only rollOut events if Ctrl
>key is not down
>            if (_needsCtrlKey && !originalEvent.ctrlKey && type !=
>                return false;
>        }
>I'm thinking maybe that a property on FlowElement such as
>currentElement.interactiveInEditMode property. This would be false by
>default but if true then the CTRL is not necessary. Then we can check that
>and continue to dispatch all events. In the event listeners we would set
>the Mouse.cursor how we like. This sort of feels hacky though as you'll
>from LinkElement. It places the cursor control outside of a FlowElement's
>Is it a bug that it's not dispatching events I've attached listeners too?
>Should the CTRL key condition be removed? It seems like it's a work around
>for link elements and it shouldn't affect non link elements.
>The other approach is to mimic how LinkElement handles it.
>        /** @private
>         * The ElementMouseEventManager calls this method directly. Note
>that the mouse
>         * coordinates are unrelated to any coordinate in the container or
>this element.
>         */
>        tlf_internal function
>mouseOverHandler(mgr:FlowElementMouseEventManager, evt:MouseEvent):void
>        {
>            mgr.setHandCursor(true);
>            setToState(evt.buttonDown ? LinkState.ACTIVE :
>        }
>But the code in FlowElementMouseEventManager is specific to LinkElement.
>checks if the element is of type LinkElement and if not it exits out. It's
>not setup to handle generic element types.
>I then thought if I can edit or extend FlowElementMouseEventManager to
>handle generic types then we can extend InlineGraphicElement with the same
>handlers as LinkElement. But IGE are created by ParaEdit class createImage
>method that hard codes the instance class to an InlineGraphicElement.
>Next I tried to access the FlowElementMouseEventManager instance to see if
>I could extend it, assign my own but it's marked private in
>ContainerController. So no other element types can set the Mouse cursor.
>Should it be accessible in the textFlow like the interaction manager?
>Anyway, any ideas appreciated.

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